Quee's massage table

Quee is a qualified masseuse through Gateway Workshops based in the UK.

 She is passionate about her massages, enjoying giving her guests a sense of

relaxation and well-being.

She offers the following treatments:

Indian Head Massage

This is an ancient practice in India, usually carried out by a barber when it is called Champi, the origin our of word shampoo.  The massage includes the neck, shoulders, face and head. It is very beneficial, cleansing the lymphatic system, stimulating the brain, soothing muscle tension and knots and creating a feeling of relaxation and well-being. 






Back and Shoulder Massage

This treatment is designed to offer the soothing relaxation of tension in the shoulders, neck, arms and lower back. The back and shoulders carry much of the stress of our everyday living, and a back massage early in your holiday is especially soothing.

Full Body Massage

This treatment is designed to revive, rejuvenate and relax! A full body massage with head and face included.  Wonderfully relaxing, a very popular choice for most guests.








Guests' Comments:

"Quee's Indian head massage was an experience like I've never had before.  I sat in her magical garden with no sounds other than crickets and bird song while Quee deeply but so gently massaged my shoulders, neck, face and scalp with wonderful sweet smelling oils.  In some ways it was a pity that I didn't feel tense in any way before the massage, because  had I done so, I'm quite sure I wouldn't have done at the end: but, staying with Quee is not synonymous with stress anyway!"

"Quee does the most fabulous Indian Head Massage ... an absolute must! So relaxing!!!!"

"We will return again next year and will look forward to one of her wonderfully relaxing massages."


















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Indian head massage
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