Due to the impact of Coronavirus many of this years' guests have postponed their holidays to next year.  This has allowed quite a few holiday periods to become available.  Greece is now opening its borders to 29 countries from the 15th June with no restrictions, but there is a possibility of random spot checks for the virus at the airport.  Flights from other countries will be possible but an obligatory Covid test will be done on arrival with an overnight stay in a hotel while waiting for results.   If negative you can continue to your holiday destination but must stay in quarantine for a week. If positive you would stay in the hotel for 2 weeks.

I will not be taking any new bookings for June due to the restrictions that prevented preparation for the season, but I would be delighted to welcome new guests to fill some of the gaps that have become available from July onwards. Please see the availability page for dates.

It is believed that from 1st July other airports apart from Athens and Thessaloniki will open. I will keep this page up to date with any further developments.

The special offers will be as follows:

A massive 40% discount for any booking in July 2020.

25% discount for all other bookings for 2020.



Seasonal Special Offers:

10% discount for any booking in May 2020:

Due to some cancellations and some re-arrangements of booking dates we have some availability in Villas Dafni and Elya in early May. Please contact us on holiday@figleafvillas.com if you would like to take advantage of this unusual opportunity.



Permanent Special Offers:

5% discounts for the following:

Repeat bookings                                  

Members of British Naturism          

Members of NFN   

Please note that special offers cannot be combined